Organic Airbrush Tanning 

You can have peace of mind knowing that we use the healthiest spray tanning solution on the market. Our organic solution is derived from root vegetables and is hypoallergenic. It has the most natural look, is long-lasting, and fades evenly. Always golden never orange! Unlike many other spray tan lines there is no alcohol in the solution we use it is completely water based.  Clients will have smoother supple skin and less sticky drying effects that are associated with other airbrush spray tanning lines. 

Here are a few guidelines to ensure you have the perfect tan. 



Day before your appointment

Exfoliation prior to having a spray tan is vital, as it means you are removing all the loose dead skin cells so the DHA will adhere to your skin better and the tan will then also last longer. This also reduces the likelihood of a tan becoming patchy as it fades due to the fact you are starting with an even surface. Unfortunately, many exfoliators contain moisturizers or oils that act as a barrier and prevent the DHA from adhering to your skin. It is important that you use an exfoliator that has been specifically designed for use in the sunless tanning process. 


Day of your appointment

On the day of your spray tan you will want to keep a few things in mind. You will want to make sure you arrive at your appointment with clean product free skin. This is going to ensure that the airbrush tan absorbs into your skin evenly . Although the airbrush tan dries in seconds and is not sticky you will want to wear loose fit clothing and shoes. Do not wear jeans or tight fitting shoes. The solution will not stain any clothing so you do not have to worry! Underneath your loose fit clothing you will want to wear whatever you will feel comfortable being sprayed in. This is a personal choice and varies form client to client. Some prefer to be sprayed nude while others prefer to wear a bathing suit or other undergarments. Please bring something to pull your hair out of your face and off your neck. A disposable shower cap will also be provided to protect your hair. After being sprayed you are able to get dressed immediately without compromising the airbrush tan. The airbrush tan does take 6-8 hours to develop so you will want to avoid water contact and sweating  during that time period. 


Day After your appointment

After the 6-8 hour time frame you are now free to shower and rinse off the airbrush solution. For the first shower you will want to shower only with water. This may sound "yucky" to you but it will prevent you from removing any of your spray tan prematurely. You will see the water will appear brown you are not washing your tan off it is just the bronzer that is in the solution so that your esthetician can see where the mist is landing on your body. Any of the bronzer that rubs off onto clothing or sheets will not stain. Moisturizing the skin daily after receiving a spray tan is very important. Moisturizing the skin extends the tan up to 3 days because it slows down the skin's shedding process. Use a moisturizer specifically designed for spray tanning. Regular moisturizers may not protect your tan because their ingredients can actually degrade the color and cause it to fade faster.  Your airbrush tan should last 1-1 1/2 weeks with proper post care. it will fade gradually. Now enjoy your custom organic airbrush tan!!! 

***You can purchase any prep and maintain products you need at Cosset Spa; please reach out to us with any further questions***